Clearly Mask

The World's First Invisible
Personal Protection Face Mask

Clearly Biotech's

Innovative Air-
Barrier Face Shield

Developed by American company Clearly Biotech, LLC, the Clearly Mask replaces the need for traditional cloth masks with a more comfortable and effective deterrent to airborne contaminants while allowing the enjoyment of most outdoor and indoor non-medical activities.

Clearly Mask Product Highlight
Product Highlight

What you need to know
about Clearly Mask.

  • Creates an invisible air barrier in front of wearers face.
  • Protects against airborne contaminants
  • Can be used instead of cumbersome cloth-based face mask.
  • Allows total view of wearers face.
  • Allows total free head and facial motion to talk, drink, eat or smoke.
  • Lightweight air jet tube clips to most any standard baseball cap
  • Compact air pump and battery pack can be clipped to belt or purse.
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Using a Clearly Mask is way more comfortable than wearing a traditional cloth mask. When speaking or eating, cloth mask wearers must pause to take off or pull down their mask -- but not anymore! The Clearly Mask alows clear visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for speech perception and normal eating. The ability to feel and be visible is stated as one of the most common reason for the people not using traditional cloth face masks.

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