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Anyone who wants to start exploring the world again in a clear, free and safe manner! Especially anyone that wants to help break the chain of germ transmission. Stop the spread and spread the word.
No, the air stream will generally not give any kind of feeling on the wearers face. However, you may be able to feel the air stream if you put your hand up to it.
The expected use time available from the rechargeable battery pack is about an hour. Usage time can be extended if the wearer stops and starts the mask depending on how densely occupied their activity is.
Clearly Mask mounts and works best on flat bill style caps however the devices’ unique mounting clips can also work with many curved brim caps that have a flexible and wide enough brim.
The internal lithium-ion battery pack takes about 6 hours to recharge. The air pump intake filter is changeable, and each unit comes with one years’ worth of replacement filters. Additional filters can be acquired from the manufacturer.
The air and power pack that is worn at waist level generates some sound as the highspeed internal blower generates the pressure needed to create the air barrier. This sound however is not noticeable during most outdoor activities and in locations with where there are people in crowds and talking.
Clearly Mask is an effective zero-contact infection preventative solution.
However, there will most likely never be an intervention device, including cloth masks, that can guarantee 100% effectiveness against spreading germs and viruses. We would like to stress however that using the Clearly Mask or any mask use should only be one part of a public infection control effort, along with social distancing and handwashing.
Clearly Mask is an effective zero-contact infection preventative solution.
CLEARLY BIOTECH LLC is the south Florida based company that developed the Clearly Mask. The goal of the founders of CLEARLY BIOTECH is to help keep their consumers protected as they start to face venturing back into public activities in this new pandemic altered world.
The Clearly Mask clip on air array tube and interconnecting tubing is made from medical grade polystyrene and silicone. The all-in-one air and power pack enclosure is made of ABS plastic.

** We are presently in CROWDFUNDING stage taking PRE-ORDER’s for the Clearly Mask. **

The complete mask system including convenient carrying bag and a years’ worth of air intake filters is projected to retail for about $69.95 via online and retail sales outlets.
Yes! You can easily light a cigarette with the mask on by simply covering the top of the stream with your hand while turning on your lighter or match. Vape smokers should have no problems using their pens.
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